Monday, 29 March 2010

101 Lightbulbs

I did an audit today and there are 101 bulbs in the house (not counting the garage and floodlights in the garden). And just one of them is a CFL. The previous owners clearly had very deep pockets when it came to energy bills!

Pretty much every room uses vast quantities of 60W candle bulbs, residing in ornate chandeliers, the kind with fake candle wax dripping down the side of the fitting - very tasteful. I think we need to find a bulk supplier of energy efficient bulbs pronto!

Which leads seamlessly to the exciting new world of switches! Nothing makes a great deal of sense yet. Light switches come in banks of eight or so, so you feel like you're producing a minor theatrical event whenever you enter a new room. Night one, we accidentally left the fountain running all night after having turned everything on in the utility room, trying to get the heating going; night two we accidentally left a floodlight in the back garden on - still have no idea how to control the outside lights, to be honest.

We've managed to confirm that the burglar alarm is very noisy, but are still unsure as to how to set it correctly.


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