Monday, 8 March 2010

I've got a little list

First there's the master to-do list. This week's jobs: set up utility accounts - mostly done - must give a quick shout-out to Ecotricity. Lots of the power companies proclaim themselves to be 'green'. Ecotricity really are, and they'll match the price of the big companies.

Then there's the packing lists (what's in storage, what Pickfords are taking from the flat, what to take in the car) - these still need tweaking.

The 'what to buy' list: cooker, washing machine and microwave all ordered now. With a bit of luck the two big items will arrive the Monday after we move in. Slightly nervous about the microwave as I got it from a shonky catalogue website - they all seem to have a terrible reputation for reliability but at £33 for a Which? Best Buy model, it was too good a bargain. We'll wait and see...

Big news from the weekend is that the in-laws have offered to swap their huge (10-seater) oak dining table and sideboard with our smaller G-Plan dining room furniture. So pleased, as, although ours was perfect for a two-bedroom terrace, it was always going to look a bit funny in a larger room.

This is going to be a recurring theme, I think. All our furniture is going to be too (a) small and (b) modern for the house but there's no way we can kit the whole place out with C17th antiques! I am, however, reliably informed that the market for 'big and old' stuff has gone through the floor so maybe we'll pick up a bargain here and there.

Maybe I should start another list: Auction Houses in Kent...


  1. Wow! Is that the place Gwen? Can't wait to see pics. Good luck with the move..


  2. Yes, that's the gaff! Am trying to get the rest of the photos off the estate agent (they've taken them down from their website). Will post soon, promise!

  3. I've finally found a moment to go back and catch up on your blog.

    Our first home was itty-bitty. 800 sq ft and that included part of the basement. We raised four kids in that little place. When our oldest was leaving for college, our fortunes changed a bit and we were able to move into a bigger place. 2400 square feet. The house you never got to see the inside of because it was so damned hot the night you came to visit. We had no idea what to do with it. We lived in that house for two years before we put any furniture in the living room and dining room.