Friday, 12 March 2010

More lists. And tombliboos

Planning comes along apace, and delivery confirmed for the cooker for hubby's birthday. Looks like I won't need to get him a present after all! Am also putting together the list of stuff that we'll take in the car (in case the removal van goes awol):

- Knives, forks & spoons, Cups, Sippy cup, Bibs, Kettle, Teabags, UHT Milk

- Bin bag or two, Box cutter/knife

- Change of clothes, Toilet roll, Nappies, Wipes, Toothbrushes & toothpastes, Soap, Towel, Noonie (Rosie's binky), Travel cot

- Phones & chargers, Laptop, charger & mobile broadband dongle

Any other suggestions?

Also, somewhat spookily today's episode of In the Night Garden... (Rosie's favourite show, along with Something Special) involved the Tombliboos playing such very loud music that the Pontipine children had to jump up and down on their roof to get them to be quiet! Fact and fiction then divided when my neighbour told me to go away using some very grown up language indeed, involving special mummy and daddy cuddles and lady dogs. What a naughty little boy. Hubby suggested that we poo in the shoes they leave outside their door before we go. Who's being childish now?

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