Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pack up your troubles

I've been gently introducing the idea of moving to Rosie for the last week or so. She barely noticed the last move in December (from beautiful but compact home to The Flat) but this time I've been carefully breaking the news that everything she knows is going to change. We've mostly concentrated on the idea of boxes, as I thought this would be the thing she could grab hold of. Everything we own will go into boxes, then the men will come and take the boxes to Our New House but mummy and daddy and Rosie will still be together. She's coped pretty well, although I thought she was going to lose it at bedtime when she turned to wave goodnight to her In The Night Garden poster and it was gone! I think that was the moment when it all became real for her, and me.

So tomorrow, for the first time since a scant half hour one morning in September last year, we see our new house (lawyers permitting). I only hope it's a beautiful as I remember.

So, bye bye hell hole! Hello beautiful new life in the country!!*

*(that will inevitably fail to live up to my impossibly high expectations but will, nonetheless be infinitely better than what we've got at the moment.)

1 comment:

  1. Boxes & Children - it can't fail as a concept! Very excited for you - the space will be fabulous if nothing else :)