Tuesday, 16 March 2010

T-10: A Point of View

We had the first viewing on the flat yesterday from potential new tenants.

"What are the neighbours like?" she asks.

"Well, apart from the shouting/screaming/arguing throughout the evening, the interminable loud music all afternoon, the swearing at me, the dog barking (then shouting at the dog barking) and the time they let their dog crap on our landing, they're just lovely," is what I wanted to say.

"Well [beat], it depends..." was my actual answer.

"Oh God, is that why you're moving?"

"Goodness no, look at the lovely picture of the Jacobean manor we're buying!"

And try to ignore the intensity of the big red crossings out of each day until we move on that enormous calendar...

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  1. One of my daughters lived through a similar nightmare. It took a letter from a lawyer friend to get the landlord to do something about it. God intervened and the house next door to us became available for rent so my daughter gathered up a few friends as roommates and rented the house. Don't know what ever happened to the other people.