Monday, 29 March 2010

We're In!

Well, we finally made it!

Four strapping men from Pickfords arrived on Friday morning, a bit grumpy at not only having to heft all our stuff down from the 3rd floor, but also halfway down the access road. Despite leaving notes for the neighbours and leaving out 'keep clear' notices some of the neighbours had blocked the lorry's access.

Despite the setbacks, it all went very quickly. They were loaded up by 9.30 and, once I'd done a quick clean, we were ready to go! I'd just dropped off the keys at the agents, when we got a call from our solicitor to say we'd completed. Wow. After every single thing to do with this purchase had taken so damn long, we'd managed to complete by 11am. Much whooping and delight all round and then the long drive to Kent, with two adults barely containing the excitement and one child snoozing in the back, completely oblivious.

We were clearly a bit all over the place by the time we got nearer. Should we get some lunch, then pick up the keys or pick up the keys then get some lunch? Pub lunch? Supermarket sarnies? After many wibbles and detours we finally arrived At Our New Home.

The magic of the moment was a little broken by Rosie tripping over the front doorstep as we came in and having four burly delivery men accompany us for our first tour of the house but even so, it was even bigger and better than we remembered. The previous owners had also obviously made a real effort to make us feel welcome, everything was clean and tidy and they'd left us a big folder of information, together with a nice bunch of flowers in the sink and some hot cross buns.

Parents-in-law arrived shortly afterwards and wrangled the small one whilst I directed boxes at the front door. All a bit bizarre as I hadn't seen most of them for four months and hadn't actually packed any of them!

The only big annoyance of the day was that our lovely fridge-freezer is too large to fit in the gap in the kitchen. Luckily the kitchen is so damn big (and/or our furniture is so damn small) that it's not a big problem for now, but we'll need to sort something out in the medium term.

After a huge takeaway from the local curry house, everyone retired to bed in a crumpled heap.


  1. Having done this more than once in my lifetime I can appreciate all your excitement, anxiety, joy, aggravation. And then comes the "Oh my God" moment. After one or two panic attacks, something wonderful happens that makes everything OK. For us, it was finding leftovers in the vegetable garden that included a wonderful Halloween pumpkin right there in our yard! I wish you guys all kinds of happiness. We'll want photos, you know.

  2. Congratulations Gwen, I am really happy for you all. I hope you have many happy years there, and am looking forward to the pics.

    Get yourself a Flickr account (if you dont have one), you can blog from Flickr you know.